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Product Categories
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- Vanillin

- Dried Shredded Squid

- Seafood Dried Shrimp

- Dried Stockfish Heads, Dried Cod Fish

- Dried Vannamei Shrimp

- Dried Fish Maw

- Dried Abalone

- Dried Threadfin Bream

- Fresh Geoducks ,Dried Geoducks Clams

- Live Blue Crab,Coconut Crab

- Yellow Croaker Fish Maw

- Swordfish Frozen

- Frozen Fish Yellow Fin Tuna

- Dried Scallop

- Magnesium Silicate

Sea Food
Starch & Flour
Animal Feed
Dried Fruit
Timber Log
Food and Beverage
Nuts and Kernel
Gift and Carft
Oil Plant and Animal Oil
Fresh Fruits
Animal Feed
Fresh Vegetable
Selling Leads

- Sell PP Big Ropes

- Sell Sodium Saccharin

- Sell Alpha Olefin Sulphonate Liquid

- Sell Chick peas kabuli

- Sell Meat Bone Meal

- Sell Double Filtered Groundnut Oil

- Sell Chilli Powder

- Sell Silver Vermiculite Ore

- Sell Dried Shredded Squid

- Sell Par Boiled Rice

- Sell dried Chanterelles (Cantharellus Cibarius)

- Sell Nitric Acid Liquid 68%

- Sell Lyophilized royal jelly powder

- Sell Dried Threadfin Bream

- Sell Potassium Chloride

- Sell Raw Buffalo horn ,raw ox Horns , cow Raw horn

- Sell garlic powder

- Sell Dried Goji Berry

- Sell Edible Himalayan mineral Pink Salt

- Sell White Jasmine Rice

- Sell Sodium nitrate

- Sell Cracked yellow Maize

- Sell frozen whole round cuttlefish

- Sell Fresh Geoducks ,Dried Geoducks Clams

- Sell Zinc Ore Concentrate Slag Ash

- Sell Lead Ore, Lead Concentrate , Lead Flue Dust

- Sell Chrome Ore 45%

- Sell Live Blue Crab

- Sell Super Potassium Humate ! Flake, Powder, Granular.

- Sell Manganese Ore

- Sell Antimony ore

- Sell CRUDE OIL ,Heavy and Light Crude Oil

- Sell Crude Oil base oil sn 500 & sn 150 virgin and recycled


- Sell Star Aniseed

- Sell Nickel Concentrates And Nickel Ores

- Sell Used car tyres tires

- Sell Copper ore concentrate

- Sell Fish Meal for Cattle Feed/Fish meal for Poultry Feed

- Sell Rice Bran For Cattle Feed / Deoiled Rice Bran

- Sell Dried Stockfish Heads, Dried Cod Fish

- Sell Swordfish frozen

- Sell Sorghum Seed

- Sell Malt Flour

- Sell Calcium Formate 98%

- Sell Humic Acid Organic Fertilizer Additive

- Sell Ultra-low-sulfur Diesel

- Sell Waste Crude Used Engine Oil

- Sell Antique Wooden Candle Stand

- Sell Humic acid

- Sell 21% fertilizer Agriculture Grade Granular Ammonium Sulphate Fertilizer

- Sell Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose

- Sell Ammonium Chloride

- Sell Frozen Fish Yellow Fin Tuna

- Sell 99%min thiourea

- Sell Corn Gluten Meal

- Sell Baker Flour

- Sell bee propolis extract liquid

- Sell pure beeswax pellets/slabs

- Sell pure natrual tea

- Sell Champignon Button mushroom

- Sell dried morels(Morchella Conica, Morchella Esculenta)

- Sell shiitake mushroom

- Sell Garlic Powder

- Sell Formic Potassium Salt ,96%min. Potassium formate

- Sell Dried Lugworm

- Sell Dried Butterfly Herring

- Sell Synthetic Lubricating Oil

- Sell Dried Oyster

- Sell Big Frozen Squid Price /Illex Squid

- Sell Sodium Stearyl Fumerate

- Sell Pure Natural Honey

- Sell Sodium Humate Shiny Flake Organic Fertilizer

- Sell Zinc oxide 70% Zn

- Sell xanthan gum food grade/oil drilling grade

- Sell Magnesium Citrate

- Sell Defoamer

- Sell Vanillin

- Sell calcium Lignosulfonate / Brown Powder sodium Lignosulphonate

- Sell Dried Vannamei Shrimp

- Sell Dried Fish Maw


- Sell Trimethylamine hydrochloride

- Sell Sodium Benzoate

- Sell Native Tapioca Starch

- Sell Purble Sweet Potato Powder

- Sell Wheat Flour

- Sell Frozen boletus edulis(porcini) whole

- Sell Organic Barley Seeds

- Sell White and Black African Ebony

- Sell yellow falke 70% sodium hydrosulfide

- Sell Refined Sunflower Oil, Crude Sunflower Oil, Sunflower Cooking Oil

- Sell Dried Sprats

- Sell Rodenticide Brodifacoum 97%TC

- Sell Red Dried Birds Eye Chillies

- Sell Hardwood Lump Charcoal For BBQ

- Sell Storage tanks for LPG

- Sell Dried Scallop

- Sell Magnesium silicate

- Sell Dried Abalone

- Sell Russian Fuel Oil M100-75

- Sell Organic Rice Flour


- Sell turmeric powder

- Sell Frozen Salmon Roe


- Sell Tin Ore

- Sell Refined and Crude Glycerine 99.5%

- Sell Yellow Croaker Fish Maw

- Sell Beet Sugar,Refined Beet Sugar

- Sell Wheat Gluten Meal

- Sell Butane Transport tanks,Butane Storage Tank,Butane Gas Tank

- Sell frozen pud shrimps prawns

- Sell Di Sodium Phosphate

- Sell Fertilizer N:46% CAS:57-13-6 Urea

- Sell Ammonium Chloride powder

- Sell Seafood Dried Shrimp

- Sell Propane Transportation Tanks

- Sell Croaker Fish

- Sell Crude Rice Bran Oil

- Sell Sweet Corn

- Sell Sardine Fish

- Sell Sunflower Cooking Oil

- Sell Crude Sunflower Oil

- Sell Fresh Eureka Lemon

- Sell Hexagonal Charcoal Briquette

- Sell Reef Cod Fish

- Sell Mahogany Wood

- Sell Chicken Joint Wings

- Sell Grey Clam

- Sell Fresh Adalia Lemon

- Sell Sodium Bromide Liquid

- Sell Mutton Tallow

- Sell Fresh Tiger Prawns

- Sell live lobsters

- Sell Pomfret Fish

- Sell Yellow Mealworms

- Sell Dry Green Lugworm

- Sell Mustard Oil

- Sell Fresh Verna Lemon

- Sell Dried Walnuts In Shell/walnuts Kernels

- Sell pharmaceutical liquid syrups

- Sell Leather Jacket Fish

- Sell Crude Jatropha Oil

- Sell sunflower oil cake

- Sell Green Mussel

- Sell yellow clam meat

- Sell Frozen Loligo Squid

- Sell Vannamei Hoso Shrimp

- Sell Skipjack Tuna

- Sell Tissue Paper Jumbo Roll

- Sell Baigai seafood

- Sell Fresh Naval Orange

- Sell King Fish (Surmai)

- Sell Lychee Fruits

- Sell Green Cavendish Bananas

- Sell Crude Palm Oil

- Sell Vanilla Beans

- Sell Healthy Wheat Bran

- Sell Fresh Capsicum

- Sell Iron Scrap HMS

- Sell Broad Beans

- Sell Channa Dal

- Sell Curry Powder

- Sell Fresh Pomegranates

- Sell Green Mung Beans

- Sell Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate

- Sell Defatted Soy Flour Untoasted

- Sell Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate

- Sell white crystal tech grade MKP 99% monopotassium phosphate

- Sell phosphorous acid 98.5% H3PO3

- Sell Turmeric Powder

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